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Dear Parents/Carers, 

Re: Possible reopening of school to more pupils in June 

I am sure many of you will have seen in the news that schools may partially reopen from next month to year 10 pupils, if the government thinks it’s safe to do so. This is unlikely to be on a full-time basis but will allow pupils to get some face-to-face contact with teachers to support their home learning.  

The Government have also asked special schools to continue to consider making the School available, on a priority basis, to pupils in other year groups who are the most vulnerable. 

It’s a very unsettling time for us all, but rest assured that we’re going to be doing everything we can to make sure we’re ready to receive additional pupils and continue to provide a service to the most vulnerable pupils, if it’s safe for our school to reopen further in the coming weeks.  

We are creating a detailed action plan that we’ll share with you as soon as possible so you know what the school’s reopening will look like in practice. Precautions we will be taking will include: 

  • Limiting class sizes  
  • Staggering break times, and pick-up and drop-off times  
  • Increased cleaning  
  • Keeping pupils and staff with coronavirus symptoms at home 

If your child is clinically extremely vulnerable, or living with someone who is in this group, they should not come back to school and should continue home learning. If your child is clinically vulnerable (but not clinically extremely vulnerable), you should follow medical advice to decide if they should come back to school. Please refer to government guidance for further details of these groups. 

I want to reassure you that we are not going to be pressuring any pupil to come into school. We will keep you updated with all our preparations for making sure the school is as safe as possible, so you and your child can make an informed decision about whether to come in.  

In the meantime, the school is still open only for more vulnerable pupils and the children of critical workers.

Please be assured that we will work with you and the Local Authority to ensure that we do everything at this time to support you and your children.

If you have any questions, please do contact us. 

Keep safe.


Paul Delamaine



parent/carers can access support literature as below:

Home Learning: Please see the recent letter that was sent out to you.

Mental Health: Please see the attached poster that was sent out to you.

Please also find below some web-links that may provide some answers to your children’s questions:

             (In particular, the 7 points at the end give very helpful advice)









Other communication and advice to parents and carers regarding Covid-19, that the School has and will be distributing, can be accessed via this link. Communication will also continue to be sent on an ongoing basis to parents/carers via Teacher2Parent. 

An Annex to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies has also been developed. This outlines the Child Protection measures that the School is taking in response Covid-19.   Please click here to view.     




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