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As you are aware, the Government has announced that schools will reopen to all pupils from Monday 8th March. We look forward to welcoming back more of our pupils to face-to-face education.

School Attendance

The latest Government Guidance on school reopening says we have the flexibility to welcome pupils back on a phased basis during the week of 8th March, to help manage our coronavirus testing program. While I feel we need some time to manage our coronavirus testing program, we are eager to have all of our pupils back as soon as possible. Therefore, we will be phasing pupils back over Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th, as follows:

On Monday 8th March, we will:

  • continue to welcome all of the pupils that have been attending school, throughout January and February of 2021.
  • additionally, be welcoming back any more KS4 (years 10 and 11) pupils.
  • KS3 (year 7 & 8 & 9) pupils who have not been attending regularly since January will be working independently at home on this day.  Teachers will set them work for this day.
  • be reverting back to the normal times of the day. These are:
    • 9am – 3:30pm Monday to Thursday
    • 9am – 3pm Fridays
    • Taxi times will revert back to normal, however if you need to discuss this further, please contact our Transport Manager Vicki Gregory at
  • All pupils who attend on this day will have a Lateral Flow Coronavirus Test.  Please email Stuart Newton if you require a consent form. If you do not wish for your son to have this test, please can you email me at

On Tuesday 9th March, we will be:

  • welcoming all pupils into school at the normal times as stated above.
  • welcoming pupils from KS3 (yrs, 7 & 8 & 9) who were not in on Monday 8th March, to have a lateral flow coronavirus test.

School attendance will be mandatory and our usual rules on attendance will apply.

As a reminder, pupils should self-isolate and not come to school if they:

  • Have coronavirus symptoms or have tested positive
  • Live with someone who has symptoms or have tested positive
  • Are a close contact of someone who has tested positive

In line with the latest government guidance, pupils who are clinically extremely vulnerable should not attend school. If your child is in this group, they should continue to learn from home until further notice. While we are aware of any of our pupils who are clinically extremely vulnerable, if the status of your child has changed recently, please could you let me know at

Coronavirus Testing

To help us keep everyone safe, we will be offering rapid coronavirus lateral flow testing to all our pupils, as they return from 8th March.  For those that have been attending recently, this will be a continuation. We will continue to test pupils twice per week, at school for the foreseeable future. Test results will take about 30 minutes to process a result.

If at any point they test positive, they will need to self-isolate in line with government guidance.

Testing is voluntary, and you and/or your child will need to give consent for it to be carried out. Many of you have already completed this, however if you have not done so, please contact Stuart Newton at We strongly encourage your child to take part, so we can help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

If your child is not participating in testing, they should attend school as usual in line with our phased return arrangements over the 8th and 9th of March, outlined above.

Our Safety Measures

Rest assured, through continuing to regularly update our risk assessments, we are doing everything we can to make sure our pupils can return to school safely. From 8th March, we will be continuing to take the following protective measures:

We will ask that all pupils wear a face covering in communal areas and corridors. In addition to this, from March 8th, we will be encouraging pupils to wear face coverings in lessons, where this is appropriate. This is in line with the latest government guidance for schools. If, however, there are reasons that you would not like your child to wear a face mask, please could you email me directly at

In addition to the use of face coverings, we will continue to enforce our other systems of control. These include:

  • Washing of hands, on arrival to school
  • Regular sanitising of hands throughout the day, especially when changing classrooms.
  • Key stage bubbles
  • Split KS3 and KS4 break times.
  • No mass gatherings, such as assemblies.
  • Lunch to be eaten in classrooms.
  • Site staff routinely sanitising common touch surfaces i.e. door handles, light switches throughout the day
  • Avoiding unnecessary sharing of equipment
  • Well ventilated rooms

School meals

In addition to the control measure in place, as mentioned above, we are still eager to reduce the movement of items from home to school and likewise, from school to home. Therefore, we will continue to offer a lunch meal to all pupils at school. There is no need to send your son to school with a packed lunch. I know that this is not always preferable for you and your son, due to individual needs but, if you would like your son to continue to bring in a packed lunch, please could you contact me at


From Monday 8th March, we will be returning to full school uniform. This is:

  • White collared shirt
  • Black trousers
  • School tie
  • Pure black footwear, with no visible logos

In addition to this, for additional warmth pupils may wear a blue V-neck jumper and/or a school blazer.

If you need to purchase any uniform from the school, please ring the school office or email

Boarding and Extended Days

From Monday 8th March, we will be unable to resume boarding or extended days. In line with the governments plans, we will review this at Easter and explore the possibilities of resuming extended days after the Easter holidays. If you have any questions regarding boarding and/or extended days, please contact our Head of Residential Care at  


Communication with you is vital and I would like to thank you for your support in this, over the last couple of months with the regular phone calls from son’s tutor and other staff. However, from Monday 8th March, we will revert back to weekly email contact on Thursdays, from your son’s form tutor.


In order to support the remote learning of many of our pupils, we have loaned many of you a school laptop. This has been vital to the School’s remote learning provision, which has proven to be an overwhelming success. In light of all pupils returning to school, we do ask that all laptops are returned to school on your son’s return, from Monday 8th March.

Additional support

Lockdown has been a challenging period for all of us, and we would like to thank you for your continuing support during this difficult and uncertain time. If you or your child have any concerns about returning to school, or if you think your child might need extra support when they return, please get in touch with me at 

We would also like to thank you for all your support in helping your child learn from home. We will continue to keep in touch if we update our plans or if we need to make changes due to new government guidance.

P Delamaine


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