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The linked documents shown below provide information on our governance arrangements as follows:

  • HH Governance structure 2017-18: Shows 2017-18 information on our overall governance structure, the responsibilities of our governance sub-committees and names and details of our members / governors.
  • Certificate: This is the certificate of incorporation of Hailey Hall Academy Trust as a private limited company.
  • Copy of Memorandum: This is our Memorandum of Association, as lodged with Companies House. 
  • Constitution: These are our Articles of Association, which set out in detail the framework and modus operandi for our governance arrangements.
  • FGB ToR 2017-18: Sets out the current, detailed responsibilities and modus operandi for our main governance committee, the Full Governing Board.
  • Resources Cttee ToR 2017-18: Sets out the current, detailed responsibilities and modus operandi for our Resources Committee.
  • HR Cttee ToR 2017-18:  Sets out the current, detailed responsibilities and modus operandi for our HR Committee.
  • Governors' Attendance 2017-18: Shows level of attendance by individual governors at relevant governance meetings in 2017-18.
  • Hailey Hall Funding Agreement: This is the funding agreement put in place between Hailey Hall Academy Trust and the Education funding Authority.
  • Annual Reports and Accounts for year to 31 Aug 2017:  This shows the following information for the year ending 31/8/17:
     - Trustees' Report
     - Governance Statement
     - Statement on Regularity, Propriety and Compliance
     - Statement of Trustees' Responsibilities 
     - Independent Auditors' Report on the Financial Statements
     - Independent Reporting Accountant's Assurance Report on Regularity
     - Financial statements and notes to the acounts.

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