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Humanities and outdoor activities

In September 2013 we launched an exciting new change to the curriculum. One day of each week year 7 and 8 pupils participate in outdoor activities which aim to improve their ability to work in teams, build confidence and engage within school. As part of this day the pupils also study Humanities in the “real world”.

Humanity subject areas this term are;

  • Castle design
  • Vikings
  • Romans
  • Orienteering
  • Early Settlers
  • Tutors
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Mountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Thames Barrier
  • Bush Craft
  • Mountain Biking
  • Water Sports
  • Rock Climbing
  • Camp Craft
  • Map Work

Student quotes - Humanities Trip Rock Climbing

D; "I really enjoyed it.  i can now do the figure of eight knot and the stop knot".

J: "It was amazing!  I can now get to the very top of the wall".

B: It was a thrilling experience.  Thanks to rock climbing, I am officially not afraid of heights any more".

Parent quotes

"J  has loved OAA, he has gained confidence and likes to help others. He thrives on new adventures,  writes where he has been in his diary."

"D really enjoys OAA. The text reminders of what they need are really helpful."

"A is always really positive about his time and is really keen to take part. He talks in depth about all activities and can't wait for the next one to come round, a real positive day."

"A always comes home telling me how much he enjoys OAA days and considering he doesn't like small spaces, the caving activity has really helped him."

"Humanities has really boosted R's confidence, which I think has helped him not only in Humanities but in every lesson. He enjoys every Humanities lesson and is doing things now that he would have never considered before."

"F has had some amazing opportunities in Humanities and has been encouraged to push his boundaries."

"J enjoys Humanities, he looks forward to Thursdays to go out on outdoor activities."


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