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 The Process of Admissions

Hailey Hall School (a converter Academy) works in conjunction with Hertfordshire County Council and other sending authorities as a strategic resource for meeting the needs of pupil’s identified as having emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties. Its admission policy ethos is to do everything within its power to assist those authorities in meeting the needs for appropriate pupils.   The criteria to be met for a pupil to be considered for admission are described in items A and B  within the full Admission Policy.

  • All referrals for admission are relayed to the school via the sending authorities SEN departments. No referrals will be considered from any other sources.
  • The LA usually refers pupils for admission following the recommendations from an Annual Review of the Educational Health Care Plan, at which an LA Officer will have been in attendance.
  • If, prior to the Annual Review Meeting of the EHCP, it is suggested that a placement in Hailey Hall School may be an outcome, it would be appropriate for the school to send a representative to the Annual Review if possible.
  • Pupils referred to Hailey Hall School will have an Education Health Care Plan. However, there may be situations when a pupil could be referred for an emergency assessment placement or may not be in receipt of an EHCP.
  • The final decision on the appropriateness of a placement in Hailey Hall School of a pupil must be one in which parent/carer, school, pupil and local authority are in agreement.
  • The LA may specifically request residential placement, but the final decision on such a placement will be made in discussion between the parent/carer, the pupil, the LA and the school. No pupil will be made to board at Hailey Hall School against their wishes.
  • The LA will always have discussed the referral with parents and/or carers
  • When a decision is made to request a placement at Hailey Hall School, the LA will send to Hailey Hall School all relevant reports and documents including, where possible, the EHCP.  A request to visit the school must be made by the parent/carers and the pupil. Hailey Hall will not deem the process of consultation to have begun until ALL documents required and requested have been received. A meeting will then be held and other professionals involved with the pupil may also be invited to attend this meeting or a separate meeting at Hailey Hall School.
  • The transport of the parent/carers and the pupil to visit the school will be facilitated by the LA through the Education Welfare Officer.
  • At the visit, a member of the Hailey Hall School Senior Leadership Team will interview the parent/carer and the pupil and inform them of the school’s expectations of pupils and parents / carers. Should the school deem it necessary, a pupil and their parent/carer may be invited in for subsequent interviews before a decision can be made.
  • The pupil and the parent/carer will be given a tour of the school, including the residential area, in the company of a staff member while on this visit.
  • The appropriateness of a request for a residential placement will be discussed at the meeting. Application will be made to the LA or request for funding made according to need, in accordance with the procedures which govern the allocation of a boarding placement.
  • The sending LA will fund transport to and from school for the duration of the child’s placement as deemed appropriate by the school and contact the parent/carer to inform them of the arrangements made. 
  • Where the school has concerns about the proposed admission of a pupil and the school requires additional funding to accommodate the pupil’s more complex needs, whilst ensuring that the education and development of other pupils at Hailey Hall School are not negatively impacted by resources and/or funds being diverted for the pupil in question, the school will contact the Special Educational Needs Group in order to discuss additional funding or resources (see section B of the full Admission Policy).
  • The school reserves the right to further discuss funding should the needs of the pupil change during their time at the school.
  • Following the visit, the school will contact the LA to arrange an admission date which will usually be at the start of the next term and will be staged across the anticipated time range for admission to enable a smooth transition and to avoid the destabilisation of a large number of pupils simultaneously.
  • By the date of the pupil’s admission, the school will have determined in which teaching group he will be timetabled and other arrangements, and to reiterate the school’s expectations. Baseline testing will also be administered.
  • Where, retrospectively the school believes the placement has proven inappropriate; the school will contact the Special Education Group to arrange an Emergency Review to determine whether additional/alternative placement or resources would be appropriate.  This contact will initially occur through the SENCO/Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher.

Residential Admissions

The details and case of pupils who wish to board with Hailey Hall are presented to the relevant authority’s residential placement panel. Places are then awarded on the basis of funding from the Local Authority. The usual criteria used for placement is educational or social need.


Admissions Appeals 

The local authority is the admission officer for Hailey Hall School and all appeals are managed by the Special Educational Needs Department. Detailed information can be found by accessing the following website

to view our full Admission Policy click HERE




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