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Careers education and guidance vision:


“Prepare pupils for a changing world building lifelong skills learnt through dynamic and effective Careers Education”

At Hailey Hall we seek to inspire all Pupils to have the highest expectations about the careers they may enter and preparing them for their future career pathway. Careers education and guidance programmes make a major contribution in preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. Careers information, advice and guidance are a central part of the whole school ethos. Our ultimate goal is to provide Pupils with the qualifications, skills and confidence to achieve life-long aspirations for success in their career.


The Aims of CEIAG provision at Hailey Hall are:


  • To thoroughly prepare all Pupils for the next stage in their education or training
  • To promote a culture of high expectations in Pupils and inspire Pupils at Hailey Hall School to think independently and ambitiously about their future career options
  • To expose Pupils to a range of interactions with employers
  • To liaise with and secure access for Pupils to all relevant other sources of CEIAG provision, including local employers from the Careers and enterprise data base
  • To support inclusion, challenge stereotyping and promote equality of opportunity
  • To encourage participation in continued learning including Further Education and Higher Education
  • To deliver CEIAG during pastoral time, Life Skills lessons also to extracurricular sessions through enrichment time. Maximise the effectiveness of our provision
  • To focus Pupils on their future aspirations


Key Stage 3 provision:


Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) (Delivered through Life Skills).


  • Introduction to the Careers resources from Life Skills lessons, Careers 121 (with YC Herts).
  • Year 9 Public/ Private sector, obsolete careers in the future, Employment rights, Trade Unions & Tribunals, Discrimination in the workplace
  • Form tutor time to raise awareness of academic and vocational pathways
  • Year 9 GCSE Options Information
  • Year 9 one to one options guidance with SLT, Form tutor and or Subject lead


By the end of Key Stage 3 all Pupils will have:


  • A better understanding of the full range of 14-19 opportunities for progression
  • A better understanding of their strengths and areas for development and support to evaluate how these might inform future choices in learning and work
  • Been given direct access to employers and colleges/universities
  • An understanding of some of the qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability


  • Understand where to find useful and reliable online careers resources to research information about opportunities and apply their findings to help make informed choices for Key Stage 4 Options
  • Received appropriate advice and guidance on Key Stage 4 options


Key Stage 4 provision:


  • Year 10 work experience week, focused on the world of work (family participation)
  • PSHE lessons (Life Skills)
  • Year 10 CV covering letter writing, CV writing, revision skills.
  • Year 11 the changing job market, Employability skills, interviews.
  • Form tutor time to raise awareness of careers, information on college open dates.
  • Transition support into College life
  • YC Herts Personal Advisor one to one sessions


By the end of Key Stage 4 all Pupils will have:


  • Enhanced their self-knowledge, career management and employability skills
  • Used online resources and other sources of advice to investigate and explore future choices and progression routes
  • Experienced the world of work through a work placement and the option of extended work placement following exams
  • Been given direct access to employers, colleges and training providers
  • Been given guidance to help identify a range of post-16 options and careers advice and support networks that they can use to plan and negotiate their career pathways
  • Been provided with the resources to complete the post-16 application procedures, including CVs, personal statements and preparation for interview
  • To be able to produce at least one personal careers action plan
  • Completed a CV by Year 11 and have a START online careers file (phased in 2019)
  • Effectively apply for the next stage of their education/employment
  • Be able to access a variety of sources of information about careers
  • Completed Work Experience or other work-related activities
  • Outlined their rights and responsibilities at work including Health and Safety and Equality
  • Gained interview skills in Year 11
  • Be able to explain the options open to them Post-16, decide upon a course of action and justify their choices rational


Assessment and monitoring of CEIAG:

All staff contributes to CEIAG through their roles as teacher and form tutors. Specialist provision is also provided by Youth Connection Hertfordshire. The Careers Programme is planned, monitored and evaluated by SLT Careers lead in consultation with senior colleagues.


Review Schedule:


CEIAG Policy and programme is reviewed annually at the start of each academic year



Careers Lead:

Barnaby Aldiss (Acting Deputy Headteacher)


Telephone number: 01992 465208 



Hailey Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 7PB

Tel: 01992 465208