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Recognising that pupils learn what they are excited about, the curriculum at Hailey Hall School has been developed to support all round educational excellence.  The curriculum design is rich in opportunities for pupils’ academic and personal development.  The combination of academic, vocational and wider school activities challenges pupils to expand their horizons, to find out where they fit into the world and to experience new things.  Emphasis is on the process of learning, developing a growth mind-set and practical hands-on experience.  The curriculum is demanding and challenging and requires pupils to overcome individual difficulties.  The formal curriculum fosters academic excellence and our pupils benefit from being taught and guided by some of the very best specialist teachers in the county.  Teachers encourage pupils to be ambitious and achieve their personal best, success is the result of a valuable partnership between pupils, staff and parents providing incentives and rewards for achievement and effort.  We feel the curriculum at Hailey Hall School empowers pupils to make outstanding progress academically, morally and socially.  In addition, we focus on their place in the community, encouraging their development into active and responsible members of society.


The Subject Specific Curriculum

Literacy and Mathematical skills are essential in life and allow pupils to progress within education and enter employment.  That is why Hailey Hall School works tirelessly to equip the pupils with these functional skills.  Teachers provide on-going literacy and mathematical support in lessons, Form Tutors deliver reading and spelling schemes at least 3 / 4 sessions throughout the week and additional ‘One to One’ tutoring provides personalised individual support.  In addition, every pupil studies further literacy and mathematical skills as part of Prep Time.  This is a short lesson that takes place each Friday, lasting for twenty minutes at the start of the day.

We consider it important that all pupils engage in the following subjects during Key Stage 3 - please click on each subject to view curriculum intents and a subject maps:


Pupils in Years 7 and 8 also attend a day of Humanities/Outdoor Adventurous Activities, once a week.  This programme is varied and exhilarating, challenging and exciting, allowing pupils to take risks and gain new experiences outside of the classroom.  It is no wonder that their confidence, self-esteem, feelings of success and achievement abound when they successfully complete an Outdoor Adventurous Activity day.  History, Geography and Religion are taught through this programme.

History and Geography are also taught through cross curricular days and cultural trips within the UK and abroad.  Religious Education is also delivered through a number of themed assemblies throughout the year.

Wider cultural understanding is developed through project work, for example, visiting French Markets via Food Technology. 

From Year 9, and throughout Years 10 and 11, the aim is to narrow the focus a little, pursuing areas of particular interest and ability, whilst maintaining a good range of core subjects.  The following subjects represent the core subjects and those which are compulsory:

In addition to these, pupils can choose from the following option subjects:

The school also arranges for pupils to take a GCSE in any additional languages with which they are familiar.  Pupils are provided with support and additional lessons before the examination.

Our subject specific curriculum provides choice and opportunity, earlier, to help pupils realise their individual talents and to help them pursue academic excellence.

The Vocational Curriculum

Our School College Partnership programmes are designed to give pupils the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and vocational skills that will be relevant to employers.   These programmes run in conjunction with the ‘Subject Specific Curriculum’ and can mean that a pupil attends college as well as attending Hailey Hall School.  The School College Partnership programmes can include courses run by the following organisations:

  • Haileybury Turnford School providing further educational opportunities.
  • Ware College provides a variety of vocational courses.
  • Stanborough School, a specialist Mathematics & Computing Academy, providing further GCSE courses for more able pupils.
  • Herts Regional College provides a variety of vocational courses
  • GTA Recording and Project Studios, Thornwood
  • Harlow Zoo
  • Paringdon Education Unit, Harlow
  • Capel Manor, Enfield (Horticultural)
  • Construction Training Programme, Harlow
  • Brandles Right Trax, Baldock

The Personalised Curriculum

At Hailey Hall School we also personalise the educational provision to suit the individual needs of particular pupils.  Research indicates that this has a positive impact on the progress they make.  A modified timetable is produced and can incorporate a number of the following areas of study:

  • A selection of subjects from the ‘subject specific curriculum’.
  • A chosen ‘Vocational Curriculum’ programme set up with a School College provider.
  • A work placement or apprenticeship with a good secure job so that pupils can embark on a rewarding career path.
  • Additional ‘Home Learning’ tutoring provided by Hailey Hall School.

We work closely with external providers, support agencies and parents to ensure pupils receive the very best educational package to enable them to succeed.

The Hailey Hall School Extra Factor

Our pupils have the potential to be leaders, employers, professionals and parents in the years to come and we aim to equip them with the attributes of responsibility, accountability and compassion that these future roles demand through a host of additional opportunities.

We support leadership through assemblies, peer activities and the Head Boy and Head-Boarder system.  The school also provides opportunities for pupils to develop their communication and teamwork skills, and encourages an interest in the wider world.  The following extra-curricular activities support the educational development of each individual providing diversity and enrichment:

  • Work Experience Placements throughout Hertfordshire and Essex.
  • Post 16 Transitional support into Further Education Programme.  Local providers offer taster sessions and induction days specifically bespoke to the individual needs of the boys at Hailey Hall.  The boys also have access to specialist career advice through the Youth Connections scheme.
  • Sexual Health & Relationship Workshops run by Herts Aid, which is a charitable organisation that delivers Sexual Health Education to schools throughout Hertfordshire.
  • Barclays Life-Skills Workshops.

At Hailey Hall School we wish to see all of our pupils’ flourish and achieve through the Curriculum opportunities that we provide.  We review the curriculum annually to ensure our pupils have access to the most relevant courses available.  At the start of each academic year every pupil and parent / carer is issued with a timetable detailing the curriculum being followed.

Parental Partnerships

At Hailey Hall School we involve parents / carers in their child’s educational journey from the very beginning.  As part of a child’s transitional period from primary school to secondary school all pupils have the opportunity to meet with staff and visit Hailey Hall School before starting in September.  These early visits help pupils become familiar with the school surroundings and establish early relationships with key members of staff.

As part of the schools ongoing support for pupils with special educational needs each pupil will receive individual review meetings each term led by the school SENCO and members of the school leadership team.  These review meetings enable parents, teachers and the pupil time to discuss the overall progress they have made, discuss any concerns, recognise new areas for support and identify new targets for the following term.

Each term Hailey Hall School reports to parents and carers.  The purpose of this assessment, recording and reporting system is to provide regular information throughout the year to both pupils and the parent / carer on how their child is progressing academically.  To support this system the school holds regular parent / carer and teacher consultation days, parent / carer information evenings and support workshops to prepare pupils for their examinations.

Academic reports inform parents and carers of the progress their child is making at the school.  The school report focuses on individual comments written by each subject teacher, pupil attainment and achievement information, and identifies the next steps of learning necessary for the pupil to progress further.  In addition, the school includes any issues regarding behaviour, effort and attitude, and attendance figures.

Parent / Carer Learning Review Days

Academic consultation days provide an opportunity for parents and carers to discuss their child’s progress across all subjects, with each of the subject teachers and their form tutor.  Pupils attend these days with their parent / carer and discuss how learning can be improved by setting up appropriate strategies.

Parent / Carer Information Evenings

In addition, parents and carers are invited to special information evenings taken by specialist members of staff.  In the past these have included:

  • Information Evenings on Specific Learning Needs
  • Curriculum Year 9 Options Evening
  • New Year 7 Induction Evening
  • GCSE Revision Workshop

Priority Consultations

At Hailey Hall School we understand that the needs of the pupil come first.  If you wish to discuss the academic progress or the pastoral care of your child then you are welcome to contact the school at any time.  Such enquires should be directed in the first instance to the form tutor.  Appointments can also be made with other members of staff, including members of the school leadership team and the Headteacher.

Learning at Hailey Hall School

Hailey Hall School is all about “Believe, Strive and Achieve” and we set this challenge to all pupils and staff involved in the school.  We firmly believe that the school provides:

opportunities for all pupils to achieve their very best

a positive ethos and culture in which learning and achievement can flourish, excel and be rewarded

pupils with skills for life so that they can confidently take their place in a rapidly changing society as motivated citizens with creative and enquiring minds.

For pupils to achieve their academic potential and have the best chance in life, and succeed in the work place, the school has the following expectations:

  • Take your bag into each lesson.  For safety during Science lessons, you need to leave your bag on the shelving or in a safe place outside the room, taking in only the equipment you need for the lesson.
  • At the beginning of the lesson you are expected to wait quietly outside the classroom, only entering when requested to by the teacher.  At the end of the lesson you need to wait to be dismissed.
  • You are expected to bring your own stationery equipment every day – rulers, pens etc.  Make sure you check this each night when packing your bag.
  • You will usually be asked to put up your hand if you want to ask or answer a question.  You should never shout out in a lesson, unless the teacher has said you can.
  • You will find yourself sitting in different seating plans with different teachers.
  • You are expected to stay in your seat during a lesson unless you have the teacher’s permission.
  • Having a form room is a privilege.  Your form room is your responsibility to keep clean and tidy.  They are also used for teaching, so respect them at ALL times.
  • Try to remember to go to the toilet during break and lunchtime – teachers do not like pupils to go to the toilet in the middle of lessons, but always ask in an emergency!
  • Keep your uniform smart at all times.
  • You must never go into the staff-room – always wait outside.

Home Learning

At Hailey Hall School pupils are set home learning activities throughout the week. This information will be communicated with students and parents through our new Home Learning platform, Teacher Dashboard. We recognise the benefits involved in pupils taking responsibility for their own learning and developing independent learning skills.  The reasons we promote Home Learning are as follows:

  • It improves thinking and memory
  • It helps develop positive study skills and habits that will serve the pupil well throughout life
  • It encourages the pupil to use time wisely
  • It teaches the pupil to work independently
  • It teaches the pupil to take responsibility for their work
  • It allows the pupil to review and practise what has been covered in class
  • It helps the pupil to get ready for the next lesson
  • It helps the pupil learn to use resources, such as libraries, reference materials and computer websites to find information
  • It encourages the pupil to explore subjects more fully than classroom time permits
  • It allows the pupil to extend learning by applying skills to new situations
  • It helps the pupil integrate learning by applying many different skills to a single task, such as book reports or science projects
  • It helps parents / carers learn more about what their child is learning in school
  • It allows parents / carers to communicate about what their child is learning in school
  • It encourages parents / carers to be proud of their child’s achievements

We expect pupils to:

  • spend the appropriate time to complete their home learning to the best of their ability
  • be prepared to work collaboratively with others when necessary
  • be prepared to attend support classes at lunch time and after school
  • hand in home learning tasks on the day it is due

We expect teachers to:

  • set relevant home learning tasks frequently and regularly
  • provide meaningful feedback, marking and comments
  • Provide a termly plan of home learning tasks and activities
  • set activities that are differentiated, inclusive, appropriate, challenging and which vary in type and style
  • praise and reward the completion of home learning tasks that have been finished to a high standard

We expect parents / carers to:

  • talk through home learning tasks each night and ask relevant questions
  • encourage the completion of tasks to a high standard

Please click here for a schedule showing which subjects will be setting home learning for each year group.

Achieving Success

Recognising and rewarding achievement is central to our philosophy of success and supports our core value of consideration for learning.  We have a very strong rewards system which celebrates all levels of success and encourages pupils to do their very best.  Throughout the year, pupils are rewarded points during each lesson for demonstrating good behaviour, attitude, teamwork skills, respect and communication.  These points are accumulated throughout the year and presented to pupils in a special weekly reward assembly.  Each term success is celebrated with a special rewards day trip for selected pupils.

Each pupil is assigned a mentor who supports both the academic progress and the pastoral care of the individual, especially in times of difficulty.

Form tutors produce a weekly parent / carer email, informing them of the positive achievements their child has made during the previous week.  Subject Teachers, members of the Senior Leadership Team and the Headteacher also send out celebration post cards in recognition of a pupil’s outstanding work.  Exceptional effort is also rewarded with a special letter of congratulations from the Headteacher.

We also monitor attendance closely and, each half term, special prizes are given to pupils for exceptional attendance and for the best attending form.

At the end of the year a special celebration assembly is held where we say farewell to the year 11 pupils, as well as celebrating subject awards and pastoral awards.

We encourage pupils to take real pride in their own achievements and to respect the achievements of others.

The ‘More Able’ Pupils

The ‘More Able’ pupils are those capable of excellence in specific subject areas, such as, a talented cartoonist in art, a gifted pianist in music or a skilled chef in food technology.  Whatever the pupil’s unique abilities, teachers at Hailey Hall School will challenge and inspire these individuals to pursue the very highest possible grades and experiences.  To meet this need we create a flexible curriculum tailored to the individual, which, provides them with the opportunities to excel.  Pupils in Key Stage 4 have regular opportunities to attend local colleges and neighbouring schools to complete high level courses and qualifications in both practical and theoretical subjects.  These pupils attain high grades and make outstanding progress.

Assessment and Feedback

In Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 pupils are no longer graded against National Curriculum Levels at the end of each half term, but are instead graded using our very own Hailey Hall School assessment system inline with the government initiative 'life without levels'.  In Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE grades are used in each GCSE subject and recorded each half term. This is a new grade system and will be graded using the scale of grade 9 to 1 . All BTEC NCFE/Cambridge National qualifications are graded as a Level 1 Pass or Level 2 Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Classwork is marked with feedback every three weeks and teacher comments review ‘what went well’ and what aspects could be improved - ‘even better if’.  Teachers specify how work can progress onto the next stage and give a grade for effort.  Home Learning tasks and Prep Time tasks are also marked each time this work is completed.

If you would like any further information on the curriculum please contact the subject co-ordinator listed below.

Science - Kiron Mukherji

Maths - John Thurley

English - Amy Martin

DT - Barnaby Aldiss

Art - Helen Phelps

Food Technology - Sam Wheatley

Humanities/OAA - Paul Foster

PSHCE (Life Skills) - John Thurley

Employability (Life Skills) - Sam Welbury

PE - Josh Hewitt 

ICT - John Gregory 

Music - Rob Taylor


Hailey Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 7PB

Tel: 01992 465208