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E-Safety Information

Internet Safety

As your son grows and becomes more independent, it is only natural that they take this independence online. In our teenage years we explore, try new things and sometimes push boundaries and take risks, this is an essential part of growing up.

With all of the potential that the online world and new technology offers, young people now have access to huge opportunities. They use technology to express themselves, explore, and be creative; it has changed the way they communicate.

The internet has changed all of our lives, and your son has grown up during this change. Many of the things that confuse, baffle or even scare us, are part of the everyday for them. For many of us, this can all be a bit too much.

Whether you’re a technophobe or a technophile, it’s still likely that you’ll be playing catch-up with the way your son is using the internet.

You might wonder whether what they are doing is safe, and you might also be thinking 'how can I be as good a parent online as I am offline?' This is a link to a short online safety course that will enable you to become aware of online changes and developments.  If you're a Hailey Hall Parent and would like to do this certificated course, please contact Stevie Sharp for details on 01992 465208 or by email at

Please click here to view useful links to online safety information for parents


Online Safety is an ever growing and changing area of interest and concern. The internet and related technologies, including mobile devices such as phones, games media, tablets, and watches, are developing rapidly and play an integral part to the daily lives of our children. Many young adults have access to the internet 24 hours a day.

Online use can have an impact on sleep, mental health, self-esteem and increase the chances of experiencing online bullying. If your child experiences any online bullying, we recommend that you advise your child to block the perpetrator and not respond. Take any screen shots in case you need to refer it to the police.

We are aware that online issues can occur at home, but it is the responsibility of parents/carers to address any online issues that occur on personal devices out of school hours. Although it is parents/carers responsibility to address the incident it is useful for you to advise Hailey Hall  of any issues that may affect your son in school so we can take a supportive role. 

Childline can support and advise both you and your child, please click here to access Childline 

If you suspect any online abuse of a sexual nature, please refer to CEOPs.


Should I make a report to CEOP?

Should I make a report to CEOP? CEOP is here to keep children safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. CEOP are unable to respond to reports about bullying, fake accounts or account hacking.



This site aims to make online parenting simple.

Click here for more information


Parenting in the Digital Age

‘The Parent Zone’ has developed a video specifically for parents (scroll to bottom of webpage).

Resources for Parents and Carers

Vodafone has produced a second edition of their excellent magazine called ‘Digital Parenting'.

This magazine has been developed to help parents and carers understand and get involved with their children's digital world. The magazine is very readable, informative and provides advice on a range of eSafety issues. To order a copy of the magazine, email or visit their website:

The Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet

This video was launched last year by Thinkuknow and is an excellent 30 minute video that is available on the parents section of their website

Learning Disabilities, Autism and Internet Safety

This parents guide, produced by Cerebra, Mencap and Ambitious about Autism, identifies a range of potential risks that children with a learning disability or autism may face when using the internet. It provides parents with advice and resources to help their child safely enjoy and use the internet.


"One life lost is enough" Please find below the link to the Ollie Foundation website. OLLIE is a charity dedicated to delivering suicide awareness, intervention and prevention training by empowering professionals and young adults in their own communities to lead suicide prevention activities. It is widely accepted in society that with appropriate support and education, suicide can be prevented.


To view  Hailey Hall School's Online Safety Policy click here

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