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Welcome to the student section of our website.

Pupils are at the core of our work at Hailey Hall.  We offer a broad and varied curriculum to support the needs and learning styles of all students.

Pupil Voice is important to us and we welcome student involvement in the daily operation and long term development of the school.

We strive to ensure that pupils achieve outstanding levels of progress.  One of the strategies we are putting into place to support this aim is the introduction of independent learning time.

'Prep Sessions' will take place every Friday morning.  During these sessions each pupil will be given two individual, independent learning tasks.  One task will be focusing on developing their literacy skills and the other will be focused on developing their numeracy skills. 'Prep Sessions' were discussed and formulated with the cooperation and help of the Pupil Voice Council.

Pupils are proud of their school community and speak highly of it.  They are also our best ambassadors.

Hailey Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 7PB

Tel: 01992 465208